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Salmon Burger-40Z image

Sales Sheet

Frozen Foodservice Information Sheet

Frozen Retail Information Sheet

General Information:
Deliciously lean, healthy, moist, and flavorful salmonburger. Blended with thefreshest Scottish salmon, pankobreadcrumbs, caramelizedonions, and spices.
Product Benefits:
Individually quick frozenHealthy and nutritiousHigh in proteinCooks from frozenHigh in omega 3 fatty acids
Serving Suggestions:
Wraps, on a bun, salad topping, pita, tacos,and spring rolls
Ordering Information:
Via fax 201-422-0888 or call
order line 201-422-0777
Atlantic salmon--farm raised with feed containing astaxanthin (color), carotenes found naturally insalmon, eggs, onions, Coleman's Dry Mustard (mustard flour), salt, white pepper, black pepper,pankoflakes (bleached wheat flour, dextrose, yeast and salt).
Preparation and Cooking Instructions:
Sauté: coat pan with touch of olive oil and cook 5 minutes each side on medium heat to internaltemperature of 165°. FROM FROZEN: 7 minutes each side on medium heat.
Oven: roast at 375° to internal temperature of 165°; approximate cooking time 12-14 minutes.
Grill: oil grill well and turn heat to medium; approximate cooking time is 5 minutes per side;grill to internal temperature of 165°
Handling Instructions:
Keep refrigerated after opening package, servewithin 3 days or freeze up to 4 months.

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