GO-GREEN PP rigid trays, manufactured with traditional material but produced with a proprietary energy saving technology that reduces CO2 emissions by 21% compared to conventional thermoforming technology.*
Use foamed polypropylene to achieve an additional 2% savings in CO2 emissions.
(using GO-GREEN Thermoforming Technology*).

Use GO-GREEN printed trays and eliminate secondary packaging and save up to 9,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.*

Lightweight products and practice source reduction.

Eliminate excess packaging and unneeded features.

Reduce cube size and save on transportation.

GO-GREEN packaging solutions provide resource efficiency and waste minimization solutions by implementing source reduction (and green) strategies.

GO-GREEN rigid polypropylene trays are manufactured using a new and innovative proprietary manufacturing process that results in over 20% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional thermoforming processes (as measured by the Warm-Waste Reduction Model sponsored by www.epa.gov).

Eliminate the merchandising box or sleeve and reduce carbon emissions by 9,000 tons using GO-GREEN printed tray technology. Or reduce the box to a bikini sleeve and reduce carbon emissions by 7,000 tons (for every 1,000 tons of cardboard saved).

By generating 30% less scrap in its proprietary manufacturing process, GO-GREEN technology saves an additional 120 metric tons of CO2 emissions for every 1,000 tons of extruded products.

GO-GREEN manufacturing process has significant enery savings (audited by the utility Alliant Energy of Wisconsin).

Foamed polypropylene offers reduced density and lighter weight packages for further source reduction.

Full product functionality: microwaveable, high barrier or breathable trays, cups, and containers.

GO-GREEN printed eliminates the use of sleeves and labels resulting in significant source reduction.