The signature item that launced Nautical Foods was our salmon burger

We tested the market and found that in many cases the first ingredient was not salmon at all, so we set out to make the best Salmon burger on the market-and we think we did just that! Over the months and years to follow we took a long and hard look at the industry, studied the top companies' products and meticulously and thoughtfully created our product-line which is both better tasting and better for you.

Mission Statement

Nautical Foods intends to bring the finest seafood experience into your establishment. We aim to produce a line of value-added seafood products that surpass the expectations of our buyers and consumers alike!

Sustainability and ocean preservation are the two primary factors that we look at before a new item goes into production. Without this kind of respect for our precious resources, our industry would be in grave danger. On the bright side, many companies like Nautical Foods have taken this approach and the oceans of the world seem to be on a major rebound.

From now 'til eternity may the Sea's bounty feed the world through the respect, care and management of this vital, delicious & healthy protein!